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Leighton Buzzard Carnival 2019 WINNERS

​​​​Once again, our Friends Within members entered a float to the Leighton Buzzard Carnival.​ This year we themed it '50 ​Y​ears of ​Mencap, 50 ​Y​ears of ​Music​', in celebration of LB Mencap's 50th anniversary. Members chose their favourite rock, country or pop star of the past 50 years. ​O​ur music mirrored their choice of Elton John, Cher, ​J​onny Cash and Madonna to name a few.

Our float was in the open group today with ​two​ other organisations​ and we were astounded to retain our title of WINNERS ​for a second year running!​ We were asked not to disappear from the ring as we may be needed again. ​And w​e were​, this time winning most enthusiastic float of the procession! As you can imagine we are absolutely proud as punch!​​

The whole team​, members and volunteers,​ worked​ tirelessly​ together since April to create our entry​​​, c​reating art pieces, learning about 1969 to the present day music and artists and learning ​Makaton to perform on route, ​​add​ing an inclusive form of communication to our display by signing ​'​You've ​G​ot a ​F​riend in ​M​e​'​ from Toy story​, ​​which the judges and onlookers loved!​ ​​

All in all a wonderful day!